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Việtnamese Artists Stand in Solidarity with Palestine

Fundraising lead by Ly Nguyễn

Supported by Vănguard LLC


Anthony Le

Antonius-Tín Bui

Bùi Hà Anh

cát nguyên


Danthanh Trinh


Jun Lê

Khanh Aiden Nguyễn

Kim Sandara

Lê Yến

Ly Nguyễn

Matte Kirwin

Natalie Bui

Nguyễn Vũ Trụ


Oliver Vy Le Nguyễn
Phương Anh

Racoon 'Tilu'
Súp Cua Trứng Cút

Thế An

Theresa-Xuan Bui

Thomas Tran

Tiffany Le

Vy Vu

Y-Bình Nguyễn

Launched on April 2, 2024, Viet Artists for Palestine, led by Ly Nguyễn, Khanh Aiden Nguyễn, and over 25 Vietnamese artists, is an ongoing initiative aimed at aiding the survival and evacuation of 7 members from three generations of the Alshaikhkhalil family. This urgent response addresses the life-threatening crisis faced by countless Palestinians, including the 1.5 million currently trapped in Rafah, Gaza's southern region. Since the outbreak of war in October 2023, the Alshaikhkhalil family has endured relentless bombardment, forcing them further south as their shelters are destroyed one by one. Now, living in tents scattered across Rafah, they reached out to us to help them evacuate to Cairo, Egypt. Our goal is to raise $35,000 urgently to cover evacuation costs ($5,000 per adult, $2,500 per child). Please stand with us in supporting their journey by sharing and donating to the campaign. 

🌹UPDATE (May 31, 2024): We are grateful to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal. Please watch our video below for brief reflections and next steps.


The Alshaikhkhalil Family

Mai, Akram, Mila, Shahad, Ahmed, Inam & Dina

The 7 people that we are supporting are three generations of the Alshaikhkhalil family: Inam (mother), Mai & Ahmed (siblings), Akram (Mai’s husband), baby Mila (Mai’s daughter), Shahad (Ahmed’s wife), and Dina (a distant relative who is left alone in Rafah, separated from her parents and siblings who was stranded in the Northern Gaza). Their homes were in different parts of Gaza city, but after the series of military aggressions that targeted civilian homes in Gaza City and spaces of shelters such as hospitals and refugee camps, eventually they all found themselves stranded in different parts of the tent city in Rafah, the most Southern part of Gaza, sheltering apart from one another. Unable to return to their destroyed homes and without funds to evacuate via the Rafah Crossing to Egypt, the 3 young women in the family separately reached out to us to ask for help on March 14. 

Now, their situation has become increasingly dangerous: Israel has been conducting air raids over Rafah in the weeks leading up to the end of April in preparation for a ground invasion. The refugees sheltering in Rafah have been instructed to evacuate further away from the border, 7 kilometers away toward Al-Mawasi. When the impending ground invasion starts, Rafah Crossing might be closed.

Inam, the family's elderly matriarch, suffers from a heart condition, while Mai's toddler, Mila, just turned two. Tragically, Abeer, one of Inam's daughters, and her two children lost their lives earlier in the conflict. Amidst this turmoil, the family struggles to mourn their losses.

This isn't the full extent of their plight. Others remain stranded in Northern Gaza or scattered throughout Rafah. We're also in touch with three brothers outside Gaza, Yousef, Mohammad, and Younis, who are preparing for their family's evacuation with our support.

Their urgency is clear. We must act swiftly to ensure their safety. 

Click on the photos below to learn more about each of the siblings’ circumstances and their needs.

Fundraiser Progress & Updates

Thank you to the 200+ people who contributed!!!

Week 11
(5/26- 6/1)

$ Raised: $1,657

Total $ Sent: $36,500

Total $ Raised: $36,765

Week 10
(5/19- 5/25)

$ Raised: $505

Total $ Sent: $36,500

Total $ Raised: $35,108

Week 9
(5/12- 5/18)

$ Raised: $1,928

Total $ Sent: $36,500

Total $ Raised: $34,603

Week 8
(5/5 - 5/11)

$ Raised: $4,911

Total $ Sent: $36,013

Total $ Raised: $32,675

Goals Fulfilled: Covered Akram's evacuation fund. Provided funds to relocate the family from Rafah to Deir al-Balah. Provided funds for a tent and food.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-13 at 9.12.18 AM.jpeg

Mai, Akram, baby Mila, Ahmed, and Inam has again been displaced and forced to relocate to Deir al-Balah due to the occupation's invasion and bombardment of Rafah. 

Week 7
(4/28 - 5/4)

$ Raised: $2,506

Total $ Sent: $34,513

Total $ Raised: $27,764

Goals Fulfilled: Covered Inam's evacuation fund.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-02 at 6.47.06 AM.jpeg

Ahmed made a kite by his own hands for baby Mila. Mai, Inam, and baby Mila are waiting for their turn to be evacuated as the entire family continue to be at risk of bombings near where they are sheltering in Rafah.

Week 6
(4/21 - 4/27)

$ Raised: $8,359

Total $ Sent: $29,481

Total $ Raised: $25,257

Goals Fulfilled: Covered Mai, Inam, and baby Mila's evacuation fund. Shahad has been evacuated! Began preparations such as clothes and other essentials for the entire family post-evacuation.

Shahad & Younis
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-26 at 1.25.33 PM.jpeg

One of our organizers flew to Egypt to meet with Shahad and Younis, Mai and Ahmed's brother. He provided the funds to register Mai, Inam, and baby Mila for evacuation, and brought them clothes, shoes, phones, toys, toiletries, and other essentials. 

Week 5
(4/14 - 4/20)

$ Raised: $7,940

Total $ Sent: $10,681

Total $ Raised: $16,898

Goals Fulfilled: Covered Shahad's evacuation fund

Week 4
(4/7 - 4/13)

$ Raised: $6,177

Total $ Sent: $5,681

Total $ Raised: $8,958

Goals Fulfilled: Covered Dina's evacuation fund

Week 3
(4/1 - 4/6)

$ Raised: $1,026

Total $ Sent: $2,181

Total $ Raised: $2,781

Goals Fulfilled: Covered living cost for Shahad & Ahmed

Shahad and Ahmed New Tent 2.jpg
Shahad and Ahmed New Tent 1.jpg

Week 2
(3/23 - 3/30)

$ Raised: $1,145

Total $ Sent: $1,931

Total $ Raised: $1,755

Goals Fulfilled: Covered living cost for Mai, Akram, Mila, Shahad & Ahmed

Mai Food 1.jpg
Mai Food 2.jpg
Mai Food 3.jpg

Week 1
(3/14 - 3/23)

$ Raised: $610

Total $ Sent: $835

Total $ Raised: $610

Goals Fulfilled: Covered living cost for Mai, Akram, Mila, Shahad & Ahmed

Art Packages

Donors who contribute $100 or more will receive one of 200 limited edition art packages containing artwork from Vietnamese artists in support of Palestine. Each "art package" will contain postcards, photos, and art prints, and will be shipped starting in June. 

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