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Our Journey


🍾 Vănguard is officially incorporated as Vănguard LLC


✨ Featured as speaker at University of Connecticut (Storrs)


✨ Featured at "Who Belongs Here? Who Doesn't" exhibition (Boston)

✨ Hosted a 2-day Queer Viet Retreat (Boston)


📰 Recognizing grassroots arts publications and media outlets in Boston (City of Boston)

✨ Featured as speaker at Fulbright University Vietnam (Hanoi)


🖼️ Exhibited at UMass Boston - "Dot Now" (Boston)

🖼️ Exhibited at Sasaki - 'REFLECTED' (Watertown)

Featured as panelist at UMass Boston - 'Asian American Artists in Dorchester' (Boston)

✨ Featured as panelist at MIT - 'Technologies of Resistance - Archiving for Feminist Futures' (Cambridge)

✨ Hosted Zine Workshop at Northeastern University (Boston)


Release of Vănguard 5

📰 Queer to the Front (Dig Boston)

📰 Exhibition at Dot Art Project called ‘the epicenter of queer Vietnamese art’ (Dorchester Reporter)
📰 Vănguard Zine LGBTQ Vietnamese Activism on Exhibit (DVAN)

📰 'Dot Now' exhibition reflects artists' keen sense of community

🖼️ Exhibited at Lawndale Art Center (Houston)

📑 Archived by the Library of Congress

✨ Featured in the Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ)


📰 Vietnamese & Unapologetically Queer (Neocha)

🖼️ Exhibited at IA&A At Hillyer (Washington DC)

🖼️ Exhibited at NY Queer Zine Fair (New York)

🖼️ Exhibited at MA Feminist Zine Festival (Boston)

🖼️ Exhibited at National Queer API Conference (San Francisco)

✨ Featured in RICE documentary (Ho Chi Minh City)

📑 Archived at inpages (Ho Chi Minh City)

📑 Archived at Hanoi Zine Library (Hanoi)


Release of Vănguard 4

📑 Added to the Southeast Asian Archive collection at UC Irvine


Release of Vănguard 3

📰 Unpacking the Linguistic Legacies of Colonization (Masq Magazine)

📰 BBP Hosmillo interview Aiden Nguyen (Queer Southeast Asia)

📰 Vănguard The Vietnamese LGBTQ Literary & Art Zine (The Pacific Center)

📰 Local LGBTQ Zine Launches Crowdfunding Campaign, Call for Submissions (Saigoneer)

📰 Starting a Queer Revolution (DVAN)

🖼️ Exhibited at UC Santa Barbara Glass Box Gallery (Isla Vista)

🖼️ Exhibited at SF Camerawork (San Francisco)

🖼️ Exhibited at Singapore Art Book Fair (Singapore)

✨ Featured as speakers at the US Consulate - American Center (Ho Chi Minh City)

✨ Featured as speaker at Oberlin College (Oberlin)

✨ Featured as panelist at Simmons College (Boston)


Release of Vănguard 2

📰 Vănguard Giving a Voice to Saigon’s LGBT Artists (Saigoneer)

🖼️ Exhibited at Nhà Sàn Collective (Hanoi)

🖼️ Exhibited at Dia Projects (Ho Chi Minh City)

✨ Featured at San Francisco State University (San Francisco)

📑 Archived at the Papercut Zine Library (Boston)

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