Meet The Team

Thanh Mai

    Thanh (Nu) Mai is a Saigonese New York-based artist. She has always been urged by the tremendous longings from both cities to create arts in hopes of an identity. Her photography is spontaneous and intimate, to the intepretations of your own.

    Đăng Bùi

    Born and raised in Sài Gòn, Đăng Bùi is a writer who currently works as a contributor for Saigoneer. He believes that people should not perceive each other through the lens of a rigid gender dichotomy. As an avid reader, he encourages the younger generation to read more books, especially by older authors from the generations that preceded them.

      Aiden Nguyễn

        Aiden Nguyễn is a radical queer activist, community organizer and quasi-artist. When he dies, he hopes to be remembered as a decent human being.

        Aiden is also a Co-Founder and the Creative Director of the Queer Vietnamese Film Festival (